03 Feldman

Morton Feldman (1926- 1987) was a musical composer, a member of the "New York School", and an avid fan of noise. His music is said to reflect the abstract painters of his time, exemplifed by the music of Edgard Varese (Feldman's idol).

"If one hears what one composes-by that I mean not just paper music-how can one not be suduced by the senuality of the musical sound" This is a great quote. Most composers are too wrapped up in what the piece is like on paper, when the sound is what really matters. He refers to it as noise. "It is physical, very exciting, and when organized, it can have the impact and grandeur of Beethoven." Any noise can be music, as long as it is organized. It is physical, and yet not tangible, but can be felt in many ways.

Do we enjoy the music or the noise? Do we understand music or noise more? Feldman claims "It is only noise which we secretly want." I agree with this. I've heard many noises that were more beautiful than some pieces. In the long run it is the sound that moves us. And what is sound? A bunch of noise.

Feldman closed by worshiping Edgard Varese and stating that "He alone has given us the elegance, this physical reality, this impression that the music is writing about mankind rather than being composed." Strong words. I feel it was a collective effort over the long history of music.

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