09 Russo And Warner

Mary Russo (1944- ) Comparative literature and critical theory teacher for Hamshire College. She Recieved her B.A. from Michigan State, M.A. from the University of Michigan, and her Ph.D. from Cornell University. She has published many books about many cultural topics.

Daniel Warner (1954- ) Composer. Discovered he wanted to composed when he heard Vareseand the early music of Frank Zappa. He received his M.F.A. and Ph.D. from Princeton University studying composition and computer music with Milton Babbit, Paul Lansky, and J.K. Randall. He does a lot with experimental computer music and even played drums for a live performance. He also does installations.

Rough Music - "Name given in England for the practice of noisy, masked demonstrations which were usually held at the residence of some wrongdoer in the community" This was also called the charivari. The Rough Music demonstrations were put on by young men who were recently given some sort of power in the community. They did this up until the 19th century. They would play loud noisy music to ridicule someone who has done something wrong in the eyes of the community. They would play anything they could find in a barn or kitchen.

The article later talks about noise in every aspect. Anything can be noisy. Clothes, a room, hair, a building, etc. Even the definition of noisy is a noisy one. There is constant debate on whether noise is a good or bad thing. The article brings up that besides for sine waves and white noise, every sound consits of a recognizible balence of noise and pitch.

the article then moved to the futurist and modernist movements in the 20th century. This was a transition of basically stating noise can be music, it's all in the ears of the listeners. The futurist were moving away from the institutions to create their own music in a sort of free study fasion. The modernists were out more to shock the institutions and question the musical authority.

The article closes with punk and the transition to postpunk industrial music. The article states that punk was a revolt against capitalism and a crumblimg society. They were noisy to drown out the normal everyday. Industial music holds almost the same principles, but they use the world around them to make their noisy art. They rumage through junkyards and find random trash that can be used as a musical expression.

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