11 Merzbow

Masami Akita is the artist known as Merzbow and his interview with Seconds Magazine had some very interesting topics discussed in it. One of the primary themes Akita addresses is the relationship and similarity between pornography, eroticism, and noise music. He says that "pornography is the unconciousness of sex. So, Noise is the unconciousness of music… Merzbow is erotic like a car crash can be related to genital intercourse." This seems to be a strange analogy, relating noise to pornography, but music has been used in sexual activities since it's inception so they seem to go hand in hand. I thought it was interesting that Merzbow used pornography to package his early mail order cassette tapes. From what merzbow said in his interview and the little i've learned about Japanese culture, it seems like pornography is a little more accepted in Japan than here in the states, so he was able to gain a wider audience because people weren't ashamed of the associated imagery with his music. The interview was a unique eastern perspective of noise, music, and eroticism.

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