Adorno wrote Composing for the Films in 1947 under Eisler's name for fear of political reprisal. Adorno was a very influential German philosopher who had to move to Hollywood during Hitler's reign. Eisler was a pianist/composer who similarly moved to Hollywood under the same circumstances and composed for films but denounced classical music as elists, instead turning to populists workers songs. During Senator McCarthy's famous Committee for Un-American Activities, Eisler was the deported back to East Germany where he composed the National Anthem.

Adorno compares the eye and the ear. The eye is a swift, actively selective organ as opposed to the ear which is passive and requires rationalizing on the part of the human to decipher the information. Because of this, the eye is able to adapt to the highly industrialized order of the world much more effectively then the ear. He states that the eye is an organof exertion, labor and concentration; it grasps a definite object. The ear does not have to open and is compared to the eye as indolent and dull but music attempts to take this dull and dreamy organ and have it exposed to interesting effects. I somewhat agree, consider how Modern Music meets with much greater resistance than modern painting. You experience and select what you want to pull from a modern painting while modern music must be processed through a passive organ and then organize this information more in the brain.

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