17 Eno

Eno said that from the beginning of his love for music, he always wanted it as more of a background component to life. The music industry in the 70's had lost it's novelty and people were experimenting. Before the 70's, the industry had assumed people had short attention spans.

Pretty soon more and more means of space creation were becoming available. The idea was to create spaces nature could not. Or even create sounds that nature could not. This brings up the idea of being engulfed in the sound. As if it could swallow you up, like a physical thing. So why not surround yourself in it? The possibilities are endless. This turns into music as a more visual thing. Almost like a paint for the ears to perceive.

Eno didn't really know what he was looking for until he was hospitalized from a car accident. Someone put a record on for him, but the visitor left before Eno realized it was too low to here over the sound of th rain outside his window. After a while the sounds became soothing, and meditative. This gave him the idea for "Discreet Music." 1975

In 1977, Eno was in an airport thinking about how beautiful it would be to fill it with sound. He said flying is a way of flirting with death. So he wanted to make music that was relaxing in a way, that it made you comfortable with dying. This music would also have to be soft, at a frequency that didn't interfere with the human voice, could be interrupted, and wasn't at the same speed as human conversation. This gave birth to "Music For Airports." 1977

Eno closed by talking about his 1978 letter declaring "Ambient Music" a form of music. He credits Muzak inc. with creating the idea. Eno brought it back to life. He said that many people in the music world saw his letter as a joke and had many laughs over it. But the idea has stuck. And that makes Eno a happy person.

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