49 Marclay And Tone

This work is a discussion between Christian Marclay (1955- ) and Yasunao Tone (1935- ). Marclay was a pioneer in turntables and experimental music in high art. In 1979, Christian was attracted to Punk Music and attempted to form a band but could not find a drummer to play with. His solution was to use the regular rhythms of a skipping LP to keep a metronome beat, and Christian has been performing with cheap gear and turntables since. Yasunao Tone is a Tokyo native who is known for his unconventional work with noise music and his early work in the Fluxus movement.

Both artists seems to want to enjoy the old days of tampering CDs and old CD players and more lo-tech technologies. The advent of auto-correction in CD players has made their art much more difficult, so they respond with using older models. Marclay uses a Califone, a turntable that is found in many universities and gets influences from both high art and pop music. Though he started from Cage and Fluxus, he eventually found an attraction to Hip Hop music which was less "white" and "nerdy". An interesting moment comes when they discuss the ability of turntables to allow anyone to become a musician. Tone states that this is a Fluxus concept and Marclay interjects that it is also a punk idea. Tone notes that Fluxus came before punk but Marclay counters by noting that Fluxus was more high art and the pop level of punk was more related to the idea of anyone becoming a musician.

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