55 Stockhausen Et Al

Discussion Questions

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Stockhausen criticizes Plastikman for using repetition and African rhythms. Does the reluctance of creators of academic and "high" art to use repetition and strong "African" beats in their work have racial roots? - JF

Daniel Pemberton makes a recommendation to Stockhausen at the end of the article asking him to experiment more with standard melodies and that he should stop being so afraid of the normal. How do you think Stockhausen would rebut? DP

Stockhausen believes that music should not be created to serve demands. Do you think that music used for ambiance or commercial purposes is less of an art or selling out? (See p.382 P1) - KC

Would a greater challenge to Stockhausen be to create equally provocative works while trying to stay in within "less adventurous" scales and ideas as Daniel Pemberton suggest? - TV

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