57 Cascone

Discussion Questions

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Is the exploitation of imperfections in digital technology a result of boredom with current sounds, a desire to show off new technologies, or a desire to exhibit control over such technologies? - JF

Cascone presents the idea that audio can be derived from any data source with some of the new post-digital tools. What are some of the philosophical/metaphorical implications of this tool?

Does music that has been carefully planned out deserve different credit or a different listening approach than music that has been composed "randomly", or accidentally? (See p.5 C2 P1) - KC

If artists such as Cage, Russolo, Piatti, and Rauschenberg pioneered the ideas and aesthetics behind post-digital music in the early- to mid-20th Century, why did it take so long for a musical genre ("glitch") to develop? Also, is "glitch" really an appropriate title for this style of music? -JC

By creating a program or tool to help create or build "Glitch" music, you are essentially attempting to formulate and standardize methodology to create a music which was created as a reaction to such ideas. Is this contradictory? - TV

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