Jana, Toney and Dan - Computer as Accompanist

Patch Material

1. Introductory Notes
The first glimpse into the mechanics of our patch, our project, and our lives.

2. Flow Diagram
A diagram that will give you a clearer understanding of how our patch works!

3. Final Patch Breakdown
Check out the final product, organized into an easy-to-follow layout!

4. Video Documentation
Watch a video of us demonstrating how our patch works and sounds.

Research Material

5. The Patch Log
See the code for the final version of our patch.

6. Web Sources
Continue your understanding of our project and patch by reading our sources online!

7. Text Sources
Or if you prefer books you can read a highly recommended reference!

8. Research
Check out some of the remarkable research Dan did for our project!

9. JDT Powerpoint
View the insane powerpoint Dan put together to revisit the presentation at your own pace!

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