The Percussion
  • The conversation tone (number of "good" words vs "bad" words) produces a number which is scaled in order to produce tempos between 60bpms and 200bpms. These numbers are received in the percussion patch and drive the looping section of the sampled percussion. Each tempo range controls the tempo of the two loops, changing the number to one that is relative to the tempo of the global transport. For instance, if the global transport is ticking at 500ms and the conversation tone outputs a number between 800 and 100 (375 and 428 in milliseconds), the tempo of loop 1 will be 1.5 times the transport tempo; in this case, 750ms. Also, the gain sliders of each sample are controlled by individual lines lines
  • The other section of the percussion patch receives the number of words entered in to the chat window and plays a sequence of samples based on the number of words. If five words are entered, five samples will be played, one after the other, at twice the rate of the transport.

This the tempo range, which multiplies the transport rate by a specified number, and triggers the desired loop.


A sequence of samples based on the number of words entered into the chat.


These the two loops. Their individual gain sliders are controlled by a line drawn continuously at different rates.


This is the patch in full:


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