General Feedback April 29

Computer Music 2 folks:
I will plan on being in the lab during our scheduled final meeting, this Friday from 4pm to 6pm. It's an easy forum to schedule help sessions.

The final deadline for the portfolio will be Wed, May 6th @ noon. I am not likely to start grading before then, so might as well give you the extra time.

General comments after looking over your portfolios on the wiki…

1) I think you all need to review the requirements for the portfolio. Particularly this: "Adequate written reflection on the context, purpose, development and success of each project." Translation: it is not enough to simply post your patch! You must actually write about what it does and hit these 4 points: context, purpose, development and success.

2) I like having access to the patch, but don't embed a patch where there should be a screenshot. Remember the Grab utility that I highlighted last semester.

3) Document ALL your work. Even abandoned ideas should be included with an honest explanation of why you started it and why it didn't work. I will consider this part of your accomplishments for the semester, but only if it is documented.

4) Make sure I can find all your stuff from the links on the main portfolio page. Some of you have stray pages.

4) Look over last year's portfolios, especially England and Gargiulo. They can provide good models of what I am after.

I am putting a version of this message on the site with embedded links. Let me know if you have other questions.

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