Abstract Algorithms

1. Journal Entries
-9/22/08 In Class
-9/22/08 10p-12a

2. Patches
-Delay added
-Trem added
-Diads and several delays added
-Nite Time Patch 9/23
-Rough draft 9/23

3. Web Sources
-Frequency Chart
-Ring Modulation/Amplitude Modulation (good visuals)
-Amplitude Modulation
-FM synthesis
-Sound On Sound article on John Chowning and Frequency Modulation
-Mix article on John Chowning
-Paul Lansky mp3 page
-Paul Lansky "fun fact"
-Paul Lansky interview
-Ring Modulation

4. Text Sources
-Dodge and Jerse
-Jenkins and Smith

5. Figures
-Amplitude Modulation Graph
-Frequency Modulation Graph
-Simple Vibrato Figure

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