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Gramaphone Record: Emile Berliner 1887
Gramaphone + variable speed turntables create new kinds of music based on prerecorded sound = first loops
recorded lateral pattern on lampblack make fatty ink better able to be engraved w/ cutting stylus
photoengrave into metal, played back on another device w/ stylus following lateral grooves make diaphragm vibrate
materials upgraded to improve gramaphone
Tape recorder
invented 1935 used oxide-coated plastic tape
1st tape music composition based on sound modification
speed, reverse, edit, superimpose
composers: John Cage, Edgard Varese, Stockhausen
Tape loops originated w/ first users
BBC Radiophonic Workshop used TL's in 50's add effects to program
Terry Riley
'Mescalin Mix' earliest tape based musique concrete
'Music for the Gift' 1963 1st piece based on tape delay/feedback system w/ 2 Revox tape recorders
"Time Lag Accumulator"
Brian Eno/ Robert Fripp
used tape recorders to make systems music
"think of a system or set of rules which once set in motion will make music for you." Brian Eno
Rediscovered Riley's Time lag Accumulator
Robert Fripp, guitarist, composed w/ Eno classical tape delay recording ' The Heavenly Music Corporation' 1973

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