In Class Examples

W Aug 27

keyboard control of cycle~
USB game controller with cycle~

W Sept 3

urn and one oscillator
dueling oscillators

M Sept 8

The Zero Guide - how to use guitar hero controller in Max/MSP/Jitter
TouchOSC - iPhone app that enables Max/MSP/Jitter control
Arduino - microcontroller for USB communication with sensors
Max Objects Database - resource for finding 3rd party externals
how to install third party exterals - internal wiki page
Synth-Building Tutorial - outlines synth design strategies in Max/MSP

Using the WiiMote to replicate DJ scratching (1 min, 48 sec)

sept 08 starter patch - everybody follow the demo by starting with this patch
sept 08 with delay - added tapin/tapout to right channel
sept 08 with randomness - added rand to freq on right channel

M Sept 29

input starter - how to get sound in
input visuals - how to see your sounds
fm starter - some simple tone generation
fm with env follow - fm modulated by envelope follower

W Oct 1

processing starter - an overview of objects that each group should be considering for their processing projects

W Oct 22

middle C pulse - a riley-esque patch
random pentatonic - generate a random improve based on the pentatonic scale
Oct 22 student embellishments - post your homework patches on the page linked here

M Oct 27

download - Tristan Jehan objects now part of CNMAT collection
prof embellishment - my version of the homework assignment
tendency masks - basic implementation of tendency masks to pitch
nw.saitek - subpatch that makes adding my joystick controller easy

M Nov 10

networking objects - a collection of objects to get started with networking

W Nov 12

pattrstart - a small demo of the pattr system's power
filterbpatcherstart - a starting point for building a general filter UI abstraction

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