Jana, Daniel and Toney - Computer Listening and Algorithmic Composition

Patch Material

1. Intro Notes
See an early patch model that gives a general idea of the program

2. Work Flow Diagram
A diagram that shows a basic explanation of how our data travels through our patch to get an end result of awesomeness

3. Our Final Patch, Compartmentalized
We break down our patch and figure out just what in the heck is actually going on, one step at a time.

Reference Material

4. Patch Log
Like to see the evolution of our process? Check out our archive of the progression of our patch

5. List of Web Sources
I'm assuming you have the internet (you're here now aren't you?) Get online and learn more!

6. List of Text Sources
Now, another assumption on my part, but if your one of the 82% of the population that is literate across the planet, check out some of these books.
You know…Books… they are kind of like websites that someone wrote on paper, with fewer pop-ups.

7. Powerpoint/Audio

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