Journal Entries 2


Met in Main Library to discuss project ideas and to research.
Some books we wanted were not available, but we found some other useful material.
Checked out 2 of the RESERVE Books: (1) Moore and (2) Dodge & Jerse
Doug owns the Roads.


Met in Davis to start patch.
Created a reson filter and some randomization to use on guitar

10/13/08 (In class)

Added 5 band EQ to use with the bass
Used Control Box from Project 1 for Control Box for this patch
Only using Peak Filters at this time, plan to use more later
Assigned Function: Right Analog: Toggling up or down controls Amplitude; Toggling left to right moves across the spectrum
Assigned Function: Left Analog: Toggle up or down effects Q


Copied Percussion Box from Project 1.
Created Presets: Peak-notch, Low Pass, Low-Shelf and Resonant.


Cleaned up/Organized patch.
2nd controller not working properly (hardware malfunction) Buy a new Logitech one for presentation.


Added Comb Filter!! Fixed the LED interface - Lights stay on now. Added on/off switches to EQ rack.


Assigned Computer keyboard keys to Percussive sounds. We weren't able to get another Logitech controller so we will be controlling the percussion via the computer keyboard. The Bass Drum is assigned to the space bar, Snare Drum: (S), Hi-hat: (arrow-up) and Random: (arrow-right).
Cleaned up patch…

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