Journal Entries

9/17/08 during class 12:00-1:20pm:

-Assigned functions to several buttons on the Logitech USB computer game controller implementing amplitude and ring modulation.
-As of now, we've only created monophonic capabilities for our instrument.
-We're working towards creating polyphonic capabilities for our controller and adding richness to sounds like randomization, delay.

9/21/08 10p-1a:

-Continued work on assigning controls.
-Assigned Diads to buttons 1-4. Were going to use chords, but didn't like the sound and thought that 2 notes would be more clear.
-Added Delay Function.
-Added Tremolo Function.
-Assigned Trem to Left Joystick.

9/22/08 In Class:

-Changed Diads to Triads, as originally planned. They were distorted because all 3 notes were on full signal. We changed each note to 1/3 (0.3) signal so it wouldn't clip.
-Added Snare, High-hat and Bass Drum to the patch by filtered noise.
-Assigned them to the upper buttons on the Logitech.

9/22/08 10p-12a:

-Added Frequency Modulation to Patch.
-Added Bang Button to set volumes for Percussive elements: Snare, High-hat and Bass Drum.
-Assigned FM to Right Joystick.
-Set defaults and a Master Bang Button.
-Added a 4th percussive sound.
-Added randomization to the 4th percussive sound.
-Cleaned up patch and color coded.

9/23/08 10-11p

-Finished cleaning up patch
-Boxed in different units, such as, controller, AM, FM, percussion
-Colored for visual appeal
-Labeled for clarity in presentation

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