Mpg Patch

Fisher MPG


This patch was designed to work in the Mobile Performance Group ensemble. It receives pitch and tempo from the master patch, and syncs its rhythms to that of the master patch. The riddumbank feature allows the user to program rhythms and send them to one of 10 custom-made instruments.

The patch I created was designed to work with a Wiimote. The intention was to eventually allow the user to step away from the keyboard after setting up rhythms and be able to change the sounds using only the Wiimote.



The first four rhythm lines run to synths based on sine waves. Lines 0 and 2 use pitches randomly selected from the scale, while 1 and 3 use pitches selected from the root chord. The user can use the Wiimote's orientation to select between four sets of ADSR data. The user must hit the Home button to begin selecting, and hit the Home button again to lock the data. Default is selecting ADSR for 0 and 2, and hitting the 2 button switches to changing data for 1 and 3. Each synth has a number box with which the amplitude can be changed, and can be faded in or out by sending messages to the [line] function attached to this number box.



The next six rhythm lines run to banks of samples. The sample banks are labeled according to whether they are loaded with pitched percussion, unpitched percussion, event, or speech samples. One bank contains all the samples to allow for flexibility in performance. Each bank comes equipped with a drop menu of the available files, a number box to control amplitude, and messages attached to a [line] object to fade the sounds in or out. The pitched percussion bank also comes equipped with a pitch shifter so that the samples will play in the appropriate key.

Wiimote Drone


The Wiimote can also be used to control a drone function with a shifting filter. Pitches are selected from the root chord based on the vertical speed of the Wiimote. When the Wiimote is stationary or when the B button is pressed, new pitches are selected. The user can play the interval selected by the Wiimote by holding down the A button.

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