The musicmaster is used to send musical controls over the network to musicslaves during a performance. If you are testing without the group, it will often be necessary to insert this in your patch instead of the slave, so that you have sufficient control.

The functions of the patch are divided into 3 parts by color. The orange section handles information related to pitch and its related musical parameters. This is followed by the yellow section that handles tempo. The final section is shaded red and handles matters of network connectivity.

Pitch / Orange

parameter description
tonic sets the primary pitch for the prevailing scale, note name and octave
scale_basis drop down menu provides a large assortment of common scales
scale_struct displays structure in half-steps, allows for modifications to be made
chord_root defines which index in the scale is to be used for primary pitch in the chord
chord_struct defines the structure of the chord based on the position of indices within scale

Tempo / Yellow

Tempo: phasor mapped to 4 bars

Network connectivity / Red

Bonjour setup so that one can see others join
IP addresses of individual computers

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