Plakon Portfolio

This is a link to my website where I'm hosting the documentation for this project. I created the website in Matt's Portfolio design class.



I really enjoyed the unique timbres that Max/MSP had to offer and the almost endless possibilities of connecting attributes of certain instruments to others and letting them affect eachother in various ways. Using Max as a DAW proved to be a difficult yet rewarding challenge that I would definitely attempt again.

This is my research paper on Digital Age Instrument Design.


Reflection: Doing this research paper was very informative and helped me get a better grasp on the state of electronic instrument design. I enjoyed searching through NIME conference papers and finding out the interesting new concepts being developed. Learning all of this even helped me develop my own opinion on the matter which I expressed in the paper.

Here's a link to some documentation on my website of the live visual project I've been working on.


Reflection: This project proved to be very successful. Mirror Pal ended up winning a huge battle of the bands and we aided their performance with live camera visuals. This project really got me into live visual performance and helped me understand the complexities of Max/MSP's visual component, Jitter.

Finally, this is a link to the work I did on the shopping cart for mpg, also on my website.

MPG Cart

Reflection: Being a part of MPG was an awesome experience. The interactive cart we developed encouraged the crowd to participate in our digital performance.

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