The portfolio is designed to document each student's development. Students will complete multiple projects during the course of the semester that are chosen in consultation with the professor. At two designated points, students will assemble their work together and submit it for review by the professor. In addition to projects, students should include adequate written reflection on the context, purpose and success of each project.

The final portfolio must include:

  • One written paper at least 1500 words in duration.
  • At least one project that has been designated as "creative".
  • At least one project that has been designated as "research".
  • Adequate written reflection on the context, purpose, development and success of each project.
  • Specific accounting of individual contributions in the case of group projects.

Basic guidelines for the proposed projects:

  • Students will propose projects according to their individual interests.
  • Students may work on proposed projects in teams or as individuals.
  • Every effort should be made to present projects in a public forum outside of class.
  • Lectures/presentations made by the professor will be tailored to support current projects.

IMPORTANT CLARIFICATION: Portfolio must be submitted via the course wiki. Students must use the available formatting advantages (embedding graphics, videos, etc) to enhance their portfolio. Whenever relevant, patches will be posted as text via separate pages within the wiki and linked to the students portfolio page.

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